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Tax Advisory Services

Where can you find a Southern California accountant with the right expertise, experience, and dedication to client service to give you the most sound financial and tax advice; and who cares enough to be there when you (and your business) need help?

It’s all right here: Theresa Hansen CPA where our business is helping your business navigate the vast and often-treacherous sea of business tax and financial information.

  • From planning and preparing your firm’s taxes, to providing periodic reports that help you make the key decisions that guide your business’s growth.

  • From complex clean-up and “catch-up” of your business or individual tax situation, to high-level financial consulting and advice you’d get from a top-tier Chief Financial Officer

  • From finding a CPA that has experience with construction, farming, manufacturing, medical and so much more.

  • You can always count on us to provide the help you and your business need.

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