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What to bring to your tax appointment

If you have some particular questions, please bring any related documents plus a copy of your prior year return. If you think you may want help having your return prepared, then you may want to bring:

  1. All items of income and any related documents (W-2s, Forms 1099-DIV, Forms 1099-B, Forms 1099-INT, Forms 1099-MISC, Schedules K-1 etc.). Please include an income not reported on a form as all income is taxable unless Congress specifically excludes it.

  2. All deductions which could include:
    a. Mortgage interest (Form 1098 or explanation as to why you do not have one)
    b. Property taxes
    c. Vehicle property taxes (paid to DMV in NC but just the tax, not the plate fees)
    d. Charitable contributions
    e. Business deductions
    f. Out of pocket medical expenses if they might exceed 10% of your income
    g. Regular IRA contributions
    h. Roth IRA contributions
    i. Health Savings Account contributions and/or distributions
    j. Investment expenses
    k. Anything else you think may be deductible.

  3. College/University education form 1098-T and amount you actually paid towards tuition and fees during the tax year. Other items may be needed depending on the circumstances.

  4. Any payments eligible for tax credits, e.g. energy credits for certain improvements to your principal residence.

  5. Any Forms labelled “Important Tax Document” or that came in envelopes labelled that way.

  6. Settlement Statement/Form HUD-1/Closing statement for all real estate sales, purchases and mortgage refinancings.

  7. Anything else that may be pertinent.

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